There was a little girl of  6 years  age who was deaf and dumb. She used to go to her school (which was only for Deaf and Dumb People) regularly. Her Father used to drop her to the school. One day the father just wanted to how his daughter feels about her being Deaf and Dumb. So, On early Monday morning while leaving her at the school, He asked.

Here’s the beautiful conversation b/w The Father and the child

Father: Who are you?

Daughter: I am the most beautiful and special child on this earth.

Father: Why did God make Deaf and Dumb?

Daughter: (Smiles) God Loves all , But I am God’s favorite and most special. So he had to make me different so that he can watch me from the sky .

Then father kissed her and said Beta (Son) God Loves all Only Because all are made By One God, so one Can’t be Wrong or Right. All are Perfect in their own way, then she happily rushes to the class to join with her friends.

Moral: God has made everyone special, but some people, in the process of becoming more special, lose their originality which was given by God. One can become special to God by preserving what God has given and by being original. 


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