Find your Purpose of life…….

We look for value addition in everything we do.

Parents who put their children through an expensive education hope that they will end up with five-figure salaries. Young women get married in the hope that their husbands will treat them like queens and hold them as the apple of their eyes. We question the worth and the price we pay for everything. True, we like to make the best of every bargain!

Have you indeed made the most of your life? Are you living your precious human life meaningfully, consciously, purposefully?

I know the answer to that question is not easy. But you will agree with me that we need to think about it, at least occasionally. True, we all love life and want to make the most of it. We long for happiness, peace and fulfillment in all that we do. But do we know the purpose of this life, the goal of this life?

Human birth is invaluable, it is God’s greatest gift to us.

let us use it wisely and well. Have you ever asked yourself before you cuddle into bed and drift into sleep:

  • what have I done with my day today?

  • Have I moved closer to God?

  • Have I brought happiness to anyone?

  • Have I spoken kind words?

I know several businessmen who do not leave their offices before the day’s accounts are corresponded and closed to their satisfaction. But how many of us tally our daily accounts in the book of life?

we do not even know what we want out of life. We work like machines, going through the same routine day after day.

If truth were to be told, we live a life of inertia. So many of us today are just drifting through life. We do not know where we are going; we do not even know what we want out of life. We work like machines, going through the same routine day after day. We forget that each of us is unique. They say that there are hundred million people in India today. Just imagine, among those hundred million people there is no one exactly like you. Why, among the billions of people, who inhabit the earth, there is no other person who is like you? You are unique. God made you for a special purpose. Discover that special purpose. Make it your goal and once you have fixed that goal, you must keep your eyes always on that goal. This is one of the secrets of making the most of life—fix your goal.

If I were to ask you right now:

  • What is that you want out of life?
  • What do you wish to achieve?

Not many of you will be able to give me an answer straight away. But if I were to phrase the same question in a negative manner, “What is it that you feel you cannot achieve?” Many of you will have ready answers.

Some of you will say to me, “Achievement does not run in our family. My father achieved nothing; my brother achieved nothing. I shall achieve nothing.” Perhaps others will say, “I do not have the power, the education or the influence and the resources to achieve whatever I want.

” Yet others might say, “My brother has all the brains in the family and my sister has all the good looks, I have nothing, so I cannot do anything.”

To each of you I would say: you must fix your goal. It may be a material goal or a spiritual goal but you must fix your goal, and every day, you must work to reach that goal!

The river of time flows on. The hours quickly change into days, the days into months and the months into years. Suddenly, one day, the bell rings and the call goes forth: “Vacate the house [of the body]!” The body drops down and man realizes that he has lost the golden opportunity of the human birth. We must use it creatively and never forget that every moment is just the right time to do a right thing. If we wait for more opportune moments, we may have to wait till eternity.

Therefore, we must fix a goal. So many of us, alas, are just moving, knowing not where we are going. Therefore, let us fix a goal—secular or spiritual—and each day strive to draw closer to the goal.


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