Where is the soul? Where do you think it is? Behind the Third Eye?

Will you tell me about the soul?  What do you want to know?

Let’s start with the first, and obvious, question: I already know the answer, but it gives us a starting point. Is there such a thing as the human soul? Yes. It is the third aspect of your being. You are a three-part being, made up of body, mind, and spirit. I know where my body is; I can see that. And I think I know where my mind is—it’s in the part of my body called my head. But I’m not sure I have any idea where.

Syed Usman
Syed Usman

Your brain is in your skull. Your mind is not.

Wait a minute. Hold it. You’re wrong about something. Your mind is not in your head. It’s not? No. Your brain is in your skull. Your mind is not. Where is it, then? In every cell of your body, you have your brain. Whoa… What you call the mind is really an energy? It is . . . thought. And thought is an energy, not an object.

Your brain is an object. It is a physical, biochemical mechanism—the largest, most sophisticated, but not the only—mechanism in the human body, with which the body translates, or converts, the energy which is your thought into physical impulses. Your brain is a transformer. So is your whole body. You have little transformers in every cell. Biochemists have often remarked at how individual cells—blood cells, for instance—seem to have their own intelligence. They do, in fact. That goes not just for cells, but for larger parts of the body. Every man on the planet knows about a particular body part that often seems to have a mind of its own…

So where is the soul?

Where do you think it is? Behind the Third Eye? No. In the middle of my chest, to the right of my heart, just beneath the breastbone? No. Okay, I give up. It is everywhere. Like the mind?

Whoops. Wait a minute. The mind is not everywhere. It’s not? I thought you just said it was in every cell of the body. That is not “everywhere.” There are spaces between the cells. In fact, your body is 99 percent space.

This is where the soul is? The soul is everywhere in, through, and around you. It is that which contains you. I was always taught that the body is the container of my soul. Whatever happened to “Your body is the temple of your being”?

Have you ever heard of an “aura”? Yes. Yes. Is this the soul?

Enormous and Complex reality

It is as close as we can come in your language, in your understanding, to giving you a picture of an enormous and complex reality. The soul is that which holds you together—just as the Soul of God is that which contains the universe, and holds it together.

But if the soul is, in a sense, the “air in and around us,” and if everyone else’s soul is the same, where does one soul end, and another begin?

There is no place where another soul “ends” and ours “begins”! Just like there is no place where the air in the living room “stops” and the air in the dining room “starts.” It’s all the same air. It’s all the same soul!

You’ve just discovered the secret of the universe. And if You are that which contains the universe, just as we are that which contains our bodies, then there is no place where You “end” and we “begin”!


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