Baby’s Bliss in its Mother’s Womb (Must Read)

In the mother’s womb, each child is centred in reality; each child is profoundly blissful. Of course, he is unaware of it…. He’s so one with his bliss that there is no knower left behind. Blissfulness is his being, and there is no distinction between the knower and the known. You become aware only when you have lost something.

It is very difficult to know something without losing it, because when you have not lost it, you are so totally one with it. There is no distance: the observer and the observed are one; the known and the knower are one. Every child is in a profoundly blissful state.

Child in the Mother's Womb
Is this how we were in our Mothers’ womb?

Psychologists also agree with this. They say that the whole search of religion is nothing but a way to again find the womb of the mother. The child is in absolute tune with the mother. The child does not know that he is separate from the mother. If the mother is healthy, the child is healthy; if the mother is sitting silently, the child is silent. The child has no boundaries of his own yet. This is the purest bliss, but it has to be lost.

Purest Bliss

The child is born, and suddenly he is thrown off-centre. Suddenly, he is uprooted from the earth, from the mother. He loses his moorings and he does not know who he is.… Now he starts becoming aware of his boundaries — his body, his needs. Sometimes, he is happy, sometimes unhappy; sometimes he is hungry and crying and there is no sign of mother anywhere; sometimes he is on the mother’s breast, again enjoying oneness with the mother. But now there are many moods and many climates, and he will start to feel the separation.

He has to find out who he is. A whole life goes in trying to find out who one is. This is the most fundamental question.

When the child is born, they immediately cut the umbilical cord. It should not to be cut immediately because it leaves the child in a very weird situation. He cannot breathe on his own and yet the connection with the mother has been severed. The natural process is that he should start breathing on his own perfectly well, and then the umbilical cord should be cut.

There is a natural way to know when the cord has to be cut. The moment the child starts breathing perfectly, the umbilical cord stops pulsating. Slowly, slowly, the more the child breathes, the less is the pulsation, the less the beat.… Once the child has taken on the breathing process for himself, it pulsates no more. Now it is dead. It can be cut.

Nowadays, the moment the child is out of the womb, the umbilical cord is cut. The child is not breathing yet; he starts doing it with such a jerk that it shakes the whole being of the child…and it never becomes rhythmic, never, in his whole life.

Avoid the Shock

The first shock keeps vibrating, and that causes a thousand and one diseases in the body, and the mind. He has to breathe and he does not know how to. His whole passage is full of amniotic fluid, mucous …and just to help him, they hang the child upside-down by his legs and slap him on his buttocks, just so the amniotic fluid goes out. This is all so violent…life starting by beating, by hurting the child. Such a gap has been created in his being that the natural breathing has stopped and he cannot breathe on his own. Then we go on repressing emotions in that gap, and it becomes bigger and hard like a stone.

Courtesy: Speaking Tree


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