Is Azaan (Adhan) Noise Pollution?

Answer by Tesjasvita Apte: I see a lot of people challenging the OP’s premise while explaining the need for loudspeakers. Now guys, I care a hang about political correctness, it is NOISE POLLUTION. The reason Mosque is questioned is because a mosque blares loudspeaker 5 times every day. Same is not the case with temples. Nevertheless, Hindus too indulge in group noise pollution few times every year like the Ganesh Festival etc. and that too deserves a ban.

Masjids as well as temples or in fact, anybody (even private bodies) can make any amount of Noise in India. There is absolutely no legal limit. The only restriction in the state of Maharashtra is a deadline of 10 pm. After 10 pm, they have to stop no matter what. Other states may or may not have such a restriction.The reason why Mosques (or temples or anybody) are allowed such noise pollution is because we have a spineless government which in the name of religious freedom doesn’t even care about our health.

And most people too support such decisions because for them anything even remotely religious has divine sanction.This my friends is the basic problem. We have such a spineless government since independence that we do not even have a Uniform Civil Code in spite of having it in our Directive Principles of State Policy and SC saying so many times.


One thought on “Is Azaan (Adhan) Noise Pollution?

  1. If you ask these so called disturbed people about their stand on Election Prachar or Rally of Sabha, Thier own family marriage ceremony, Rock shows and sunburns over Loudspeaker and dolby… they would have different opinion. These hypocrites put thier own family weddings and functions in the exceptions category and then question the purpose of invention of loudspeaker itself.
    Where exactly is the loadspeake not a noise polution?if not used when needed !
    If its being used for fun/enjoyment of few people and rest are disturbed then it is a real issue..but if its being used for information,alarm in school, masjid, mines, polio awareness etc. then its not for FUN but for a CAUSE/PURPOSE..
    Azan / adhan is an ALARM as well as INFOrmation.. a wakeup call for rich and poors alike. (Even fot those who dont have phones and clocks).

    Here you would be a fool to say Stop Air flights as i get disturbed.. the real solution is to go some where u wont hear noise..or bare with it… so if u do that for other cases, why your ears get hurt in this case.

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