Should a Law be imposed on Azaan (Adhan)?

Answer by Shaleen Sharma: Well you are absolutely right that a law must be imposed against the ‘namaaz’ played on loudspeakers in mosques in India. The 5 times without fail routine play can be intolerable to anyone and in fact it is your fundamental right to be intolerant to such a routine ill-act!  Following is a government page  describing various laws against noise pollution in India-

Specific Information

I have seen that many people have called the questioner a biased person when He/She simply wants to say that he ‘is’ annoyed by a ‘without fail’ 5 times a day practice of mosques. Also many people have given counter judgements by saying that in Hindu festivals like the 10 days long ‘Ganesha Chaturthi’ or the ‘Dussehra’  or ‘Diwali’ too heavy noise is produced and nobody questions that. Well, there are especial laws against all these festivals. Following are a few reports from print media criticizing the law breaking on such occasions which became possible only because there was a law against noise pollution especially for all such festivals-

Diwali horror in Panchkula: No action against noise pollution

Officials ready to enforce noise laws

Was Mumbai truly noise-free during Diwali 2011?

Now someone will be a fool to say that nobody follows these laws and hence there must not be a law against the loudspeakers in mosques. To have a law against any ill practice is necessary irrespective of if it is strictly imposed or not! Having a law makes sure that the law is imposed in at least the important areas of a city and also gives someone a fair chance to file a complaint against anyone who is breaking the law. For example, if someone is bursting crackers at my door or playing ‘jai mata di’ songs or whatever till late night there is a provision for me in the Indian law to complain against such person however I have no provision in the law to complain about a mosque which wakes me up at 5 a.m in the morning with its high pitched and amplified prayers. This clearly does not abide by the fundamental ‘equality before law’ right and a bunch of people might feel not preferred by the law.

Again the complete counter judgement that since no actions are taken against Hindus for creating noise pollution on one or two festive occasions hence mosques should be spared is wrong. Just think if only there was a provision in the law that ‘if you can name someone to be guilty and yet not punished by the judiciary then you shall be exculpated’ then every one would be exonerated from being guilty. This is not the rational way you take up an issue. We must decide something to be either right or wrong and must not compare it with something else in the society which also is wrong. Because that ways no ill practice from the society will ever get eliminated. Every time you will try to eliminate something from the society the people defending it will point their fingers on some other bunch of people committing some other offense!

P.S- I have read in one of the highly (up)voted answers to this question that the person has deeply expressed his disappointment regarding a few comments by a particular person and hence (taken permission to) put some really offensive statements against Hindus. Sir, I request you not to get agitated over a small issue like this and to stay calm and think rationally before writing something down. I too become really upset when someone (Muslim) says on my face that he will support Pakistan in an India-Pakistan cricket match but I ‘don’t’ react like you assuming it to be his personal view rather than a common Indian Muslim’s view! I got really upset when I read one of my Kashmiri friend’s Fb status that he celebrated the day two Indian soldiers were beheaded by Pakistani army. But, again I have not started pointing out grammatical errors in his Fb statuses now.


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