Why are masjids (mosques) in India allowed to place loud speakers?

Explanation of the question:

We see that many Masjids are located at prime residential areas. Even near Parks and Hospitals. Why is Government allowing such sound levels? Namaz is played 5 times a day. There has to to be restriction on location and where it should be played. What is the real intention of Muslims to place Loud Speakers? Is it to proclaim or propagandize their Gods? Countries like United States, dont allow such noise pollution. Would Muslim Majority Countries (Pakistan,Saudi Arabia,Qatar etc)have allowed other religions to do this on loud speaker everyday ? Is this an intentional historic intention  to propagandize Islam by making all the non believers listen to their prayers?

For perspective.
365 days * 5 times * 5 minutes / 60 minutes / 24 hours
= 6.33 days of prayer per year !

I have collected the best voted answers.

1) Answer by Syed Zeeshan Hussain:

As a guy who once performed namaz 5 times a day here is what i have got to say:The Indian Government is ineffective in passing laws for the general good if it is against a particular community(we still have reservation for God’s sake)…thanks to their vote bank politics..and they are not going to take a stand against a popular practice of a religious minority that has almost 15% of their vote shares…any one who does can say bye bye to these 15% guys permanently with almost 100% certainty while it won’t gather them much support from the remaining 85%…in fact a lot of 85% will go against as well on the grounds that the Government is harassing the minorities…i believe that answers the why…More

2) Answer by Tesjasvita Apte:

I see a lot of people challenging the OP’s premise while explaining the need for loudspeakers. Now guys, I care a hang about political correctness, it is NOISE POLLUTION. The reason Mosque is questioned is because a mosque blares loudspeaker 5 times every day. Same is not the case with temples. Nevertheless, Hindus too indulge in group noise pollution few times every year like the Ganesh Festival etc. and that too deserves a ban. More

3) Answer by Abhimanyu Ghosh:

It is pretty obvious that you have a staggering amount of bias going into this question. At any rate, I’ll try to present a rational answer for others to understand this. More

4) Answer by Shaleen Sharma:

Well you are absolutely right that a law must be imposed against the ‘namaaz’ played on loudspeakers in mosques in India. The 5 times without fail routine play can be intolerable to anyone and in fact it is your fundamental right to be intolerant to such a routine ill-act!  Following is a government page  describing various laws against noise pollution in India- More

5) Answer by Sarosh Mohammed:

There have already been quite a few answers to this question. Some have ridiculed the OP and some have justified his claims. Some have used rationality to argue while some have made quite some insensitive comments. But I am surprised very few have addressed the question details so let me do that before proceeding to the actual question. More

6) Answer by Adnan Zafer:

Come on man! Firstly it’s just the azzan and not the prayer that is recited on loudspeaker. It hardly lasts for 3 minutes or so. And you have to admit that the only time at which you would expect one to get disturbed is in the morning at 5 am. More so it’s not like they play some hard metal that it’s so annoying to you? Trust me I have to concentrate hard to listen to the azaan, unless obviously your house is ridiculously close to the mosque. More


One thought on “Why are masjids (mosques) in India allowed to place loud speakers?

  1. I leave just opposite a mosque.It is not just the azaan ,but entire prayer sessions go on for long periods. Sometimes it starts as early as 4.15 in the morning for long duration and the voice too is such an irritation voice on most days. Till recent it was still okay but with our baby getting disturbed sleep,we are considering shifting our home since this spine less administration wont do anything to stop this menace.owing to vote banks.

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