Should Laud speakers be allowed in India for Azaan (Adhan)?

Answer 1 by Syed Zeeshan Hussain:

As a guy who once performed namaz 5 times a day here is what i have got to say:The Indian Government is ineffective in passing laws for the general good if it is against a particular community(we still have reservation for God’s sake)…thanks to their vote bank politics..and they are not going to take a stand against a popular practice of a religious minority that has almost 15% of their vote shares…any one who does can say bye bye to these 15% guys permanently with almost 100% certainty while it won’t gather them much support from the remaining 85%…in fact a lot of 85% will go against as well on the grounds that the Government is harassing the minorities…i believe that answers the why…

now lets see if it is morally or ethically the right thing to do…and the answer is… Yes,the Government should ban the use of loudspeakers in mosques….now it goes without saying that the Government should also ban the use of loudspeakers during any other religious function of any other group(i.e the bhajan and kirtans) and the use of high volume speakers during marriage functions(that play jimmy-jimmy and babul ki duayein incessantly)….but the question is about loudspeakers in mosques and i will stick to that…and i also believe that the loudspeaker problem in mosques is a bit more persistent(given that marriages and bhajans dont happen daily,not to be taken as i support them)…

first lets take the time into consideration…though the loudspeakers do one azaan(call for prayer) for barely 2 or 3 minutes,the timing is quite bad..the fazr(morning) azaan is at 5 a.m(approximately)…now all of us are not early sleepers…i sleep between 12a.m to 1a.m(force of habit)…and i am forcibly awakened by the sound of azaan at 5 a.m…needless to say it ruins my entire day…now when i try to catch my sleep in the afternoon there is an azaan at 1 p.m,one at 4 p.m,one at 6 and one at 8 p.m(all approximate)…so there goes my afternoon nap…and if u have your exams(as i had my boards) the problem is intensified to a whole new level…besides i have 3 mosques(and one in construction) in a 200m radius around my house so its no longer 3 minutes but an annoying 9 minutes(the azaans rarely overlap) sound from mosques that are a bit farther does manage to trickle in during the wee hours…and i am a young fellow(or so do i consider myself)…so i can only imagine the plight of the sick and the elderly..

now lets play the numbers game… muslims in india are almost 15%…as a guy who once went for namaz 5 times a day..the religious one who pray 5 times the day are not more than 10% of them(in a locality of 100 men only 10 visit the mosque regularly and the fact that women don’t go to mosques)…so it comes down to 0.75% of the indian coz of these 0.75%(the original number will be even less) the remaining 99.25% are needlessly bothered…and as Spock says “the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few”…loudspeakers should be banned…
Besides as a human being and as a citizen of this country its my right to be provided with a disturbance(read pollution) free and a conductive environment for my overall growth and health..atleast in the comfort of my home..

The alternative: As muslims would agree azaan(or namaaz) time for a particular day is known before hand(almost a month)…now those who wish to offer namaz could set up an alarm at the time and go for their prayers without disturbing others…its not like a military drill where the sergeant calls u at random times and you are supposed to answer or u are punished…so u just need to see the calender..set up your alarm and be God’s favorite without disturbing others…

The question: Is the government ever going to ban loudspeakers in mosques?
the answer is no..they won’t ever have the guts to do controversial yet right things..lets hope someone files a PIL and the judiciary does it…
The solution: until the Government(which it won’t) or the Judiciary steps in here are some ways to deal with it..ear buds(flipkart,ebay),bose sound cancelling earphones(yes they are costly),my personal favorite is a long table fan which makes a whirring(read gharrr-gharrr) faces me during summer and opposite during winter(i want to post a pic of this awesome dude but he is a shy fellow)…and as they say “what can’t be cured must be endured”…

Edit: thank u Shashank Rathi for pointing out the mistake…by assuming 10% religious men the indian people who go to mosques 5 times a day aren’t 1.5% but rather 0.75% of the total population..removing half(50%) women of the 15% total muslim population who dont visit mosques.P.s: the questioner assumes that azaan is propaganda..i can assure u its no such thing..its just a call for prayer..albeit an annoying one.


One thought on “Should Laud speakers be allowed in India for Azaan (Adhan)?

  1. I am really disappointed by your conclusion remarks in the post script section.

    Even though the matter of usage of loudspeakers is debatable, your comment that it is “an annoying” call yo prayer sadly shows that despite being a Muslim, you have failed to understand the beauty, need and assence of namaz.

    The statement clearly shows your inability to grasp the concept of such a worship and that you consider it as a ritual or rite like others around the world.
    I regret to say that your view renders you ineligible to comment on the necessity of Azaan.

    And my dear brother, it is cumpolsary for us to wake up by the azaan, especially at fajr. It is not a matter of choice or “liking”.

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