What is the alternative for Azaan (Adhan)?

Answer by Abhimanyu Ghosh: It is pretty obvious that you have a staggering amount of bias going into this question. At any rate, I’ll try to present a rational answer for others to understand this.

Like you have mentioned, Muslims are supposed to pray 5 times a day. Islam has a custom in which at each of these times, the muezzin has to call upon Muslims to let them know that it’s time for prayer. Before the advent of mechanized transport, cities used to be much smaller in size. A muezzin could call upon Muslims in the surrounding area without needing a loudspeaker. But with the advent of new technology and the increasing size of cities, loudspeakers are necessary for the prayer call system to function. In fact, this is one of the rare instances of successful adoption of modern technology by religious institutions.

As far as your irritation is concerned, the azaan is called out only 5 times a day for a few minutes. So you are irritated by this, apparently. Have you ever been in UP during Dashera or Bengal during Durga Puja or Mumbai during Ganesh Chaturthi ? Have you ever wondered how the patients in hospitals would cope with this ? Forget about festivals, have you ever seen the countless wedding processions all over the streets of northern India and the noise emanated by those brass bands ? Of course, none of that probably made you think of sick people in hospitals because that doesn’t fit your worldview.

It’s true that the US doesn’t allow noise pollution at that level because of which burning crackers at home in Diwali is also banned. Do you have any plans of imposing that in India?


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