The Art of Allowing

The ego wants to know and control every circumstance, situation and outcome in your world. However, the ego has always been shown it has little control over the universe and your circumstances. Even though this has been proven to you time and time again you still choose to delude yourself into believing that you have all the reigns.

The Art of Allowing
Image Courtesy: Fractal

Pain in Your World

This leads to much pain in your world as once again you have created an ‘expectation’ to receive via certain means and methods, limiting yourself to your sole perception and then being upset when this is not met. What if the universe has such a grandular vision for you, that you can’t even comprehend from your current state of awareness and vantage point?

Level of Expectation

You are limited by your level of expectation and the universe will always show you differently. You may be less than satisfied with how certain circumstances and events turn out in your world. You may even try pointing fingers looking for places to attribute this sudden ‘change’ of direction. Failing to comprehend that it is all part of your ‘divine plan’.

Let go of being attached to outcomes and just enjoy the ride, where ever it takes you. Trust that the universe has truly got you and everything is for your highest good. Allow yourself to receive, that which you did not expect or ponder, open yourself to the limitless potential the multiverses is waiting to deliver to you.

Courtesy: Soul Guidance


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