Amazon Keeps the Registrations Opened for 8 Days to Get Lakhs for Registrations and Sell only 15, 000 and Shamelessly Say “WE ARE OUT OF STOCK”

  1. What does ‘Register’ mean?
  2. What does ‘Subscribe to Register’ mean?
  3. Why does Amazon have registrations open again, though there are already lakhs of registered customers who did not get the Yu Yureka?
  4. Can we trust Amazon again and register to get nothing in the next Flash Sale and expect Amazon to say in their website, “That Flew Fast”, “We ARE OUT OF STOCK”?

Micromax Yu Yureka AmazonCompletely useless and creepy way of selling phones. They ask us to register and they go out of stock every time. They have no sense at all. They keep the registrations open for 8 days and get lakhs of people registered, but they sell only 10,000 and 15,000 units.

How is that making sense to have lakhs of people getting registered (By keeping the registrations open for 8 days shamelessly) and sell only 15,000 unit and go out of stock and proudly put that note on website as ‘WE ARE OUT OF STOCK’?

I had Yu Yureka in my cart. When I proceeded to checkout, it said you are not registered to buy this product (Though I have confirmation emails of getting registered and getting notified about the sale day i.e., 22 Jan 2014.

I spoke with one of their reps. Just the same dialogue of apologizing and asking us to register again. I’m confused whether or not I should wait for this phone.


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