Akhilesh Yadav dares Modi govt to ban export of beef

When silence and display of tolerance are the only medicines that can heal the wound of Gautam Buddha Nagar’s Bisara village, the lawmakers are doing nothing to ensure the return of normalcy.

Surprisingly, Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav on Friday dared Prime Minister Narendra Modi to impose a blanket ban on export of beef.

“A rumour may pass unnoticed. But it can also play havoc. They are taking up this issue. They also talk about pink revolution. We want to ask why they don’t ban its export?” he asked in a public meeting in Lucknow.

“They have come to power with a majority. He is roaming across the world and marketing the country. He must think what the people of those countries eat from morning to evening. I don’t want to make any comment. But he should take up this issue with the world community and ban its export completely,” Akhilesh further said without mentioning the name of the PM, with whom his father and Samajwadi Party (SP) president Mulayam Singh Yadav has recently developed political proximity.

Beef Ban Akhilesh Yadav Ikhlaq Uttar Pradesh Murder
Pic Courtesy: Huffington Post. Ikhlaq’s Family

Akhilesh added saying India is a country of 125 crore population where people have liberty to lead their lives according to their wish and nobody should try to interfere into it.

But the chief minister, who had come to power in 2012 with the vote of over 19 percent Muslim population in the state, remained silent on the demand of the family of Mohammad Ikhlaq to order a probe by Central Bureau of Investigation. Ikhlaq was lynched to death by a mob alleging that he had sacrificed a cow and his family consumed it for dinner. His injured son Mohammad Danish (21) is on ventilator in Noida’s Kailash Hospital.

Cow butchery and sale of beef are cognisable and non-bailable offence in UP under Prevention of Cow Slaughter Act 1955. However, this act doesn’t cover flesh imported in the state in sealed containers and sold in open market. The act also allows bull slaughter after obtaining a “fit-for-slaughter” certificate which is given if the cattle are over the age of 15 and not fit for agricultural works and breeding.

The CM was apparently trying to remind Modi how he had targeted the previous Congress-led UPA government during 2014 election campaign, blaming them for encouraging pink revolution-expansion meat export to other countries.

Stretching it a bit further, Azam Khan, urban development and minority affairs minister of UP said, “It is written in the menu of five star hotels that they serve the meat of cow and pig. It should be banned immediately by those who want to punish the Muslims because they didn’t desert the country and went Pakistan. The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) wants to push the state in communal frenzy before 2017 Assembly elections. They want to do so because their 2013 Muzaffarnagar experiment succeeded in 2014 election.”

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Eat Beef, Get Murdered in UP

Islamic News: Beef Ban in UPIqlakh lived there with his 70-year-old mother Asgari, 52-year-old wife Ikraman, younger son Danish (21) and daughter Sahista (16). His elder son Sartaz works with the Indian Air Force and is currently posted in Chennai.

The man was killed by a mob in Greater Noida’s Bisada village on Monday night following rumours of cow slaughter in his house. As tension gripped the village and spread to nearby areas, another mob went on the rampage on Tuesday morning in Ooncha Amirpur – barely 5km from Bisada – demanding death penalty for those involved in cow slaughter. The mob clashed with the police after six people were arrested for the murder.

There were also reports that trouble started on rumours that the victim had consumed beef. But there was no confirmation.

Kiran S, SSP, Gautam Budh Nagar, earlier, said, “Around 800 armed forces, including a battalion of Provincial Armed Constabulary and police from Ghaziabad, Bulandshahr and Hapur, have been deployed in the village and the areas around it.”

Family members of Iqlakh, the murdered Bisada villager, denied slaughtering any cow in their small house and claimed the story was cooked up to target them.

The UP government on Wednesday announced Rs 10 lakh compensation for the family of a 58-year-old man who was allegedly beaten to death and his son injured by a mob following rumours that their family was involved in the slaughter of a cow.

UP chief minister Akhilesh Yadav has announced an ex-gratia compensation of Rs 10 lakh to the family of the victim.

He also instructed the district magistrate and senior superintendent of police, Noida to provide full protection to the family of the victim.

Courtesy: TOI

20 WTF Signboards You Will Only See In India

1. I’ll have my tea in liquid form please. And please, no logic.


2. You can almost hear it in your head.


3. Hotel Google. I wonder what a Google search will throw up?


4. I could really use a Child Bear right now.


5. Now this is what you call a multi-speciality hospital.


6. A truly international fruit stall.


7. No alcohole allowed.


8. Bugger off, Baggers.


9. Looks like someone took a dump on this one.


10. Plane Paint. It’s the “In” thing this season.


11. Thanks. Who needs Google Maps?


12. Are you an “animals” type man?


13. Full power sexism.


14. This is a “Bar Bar” Shop. You have to come here again and again.


15. Shake your Buty Lades…


16. Oh Snap!


17. Okay. If you say so.


18. Cum, take a bath.


19. Happy Endings Guaranteed.


20. Silence of the psychos.


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39 Most WTF Pictures From India

1. Is it available online?


2. The auto has clearly put on some coconut weight


3. Typical Indian summers


4. The Misfits, the rebels


5. It’s going to be a tough battle down there


6. Because together we can


 7. No putting stupid signs like this


8. The ‘spoon’ chronicles


9. Because ‘English’ can be a pain in the ass


10. Tough times ahead


Nope, not really


11. Khatron ke khiladi contestants


12. The annual cow summelan


13. When you see it


14. Well, that escalated quickly


 15. Do they know their job?


16. Haathi mere saathi part 2


17. Do maindakon ki katha


18. Google doesn’t want to live on this planet anymore


19. No bone will escape officer dog’s watchful eyes


20. Because time waits for no one


21. What were our forefathers smoking?


22. This train is running on goodwill & 50,000 people


23. No wonder window seats are preferred so much


24. How about a NO?


 25. Getting negative feels from this board


 26. He surely needs a brain transplant


27. This is wrong at so many levels


28. The real Turbanator


29. Hum do, humaare do


30. Can this man go off from the face of this planet?


31. KFC, who’s your daddy?


32. Don’t laptop & drive


33. Why go anywhere else?


34. Contextual advertising taken to another level


35. Leave the babies alone


36. Somebody please marry her.


37. What an appropriate primary level question


38. This guy needs a lesson in ‘how to not be a total douchebag’


39. Is he going to cook himself as well?


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