Amazon Keeps the Registrations Opened for 8 Days to Get Lakhs for Registrations and Sell only 15, 000 and Shamelessly Say “WE ARE OUT OF STOCK”

  1. What does ‘Register’ mean?
  2. What does ‘Subscribe to Register’ mean?
  3. Why does Amazon have registrations open again, though there are already lakhs of registered customers who did not get the Yu Yureka?
  4. Can we trust Amazon again and register to get nothing in the next Flash Sale and expect Amazon to say in their website, “That Flew Fast”, “We ARE OUT OF STOCK”?

Micromax Yu Yureka AmazonCompletely useless and creepy way of selling phones. They ask us to register and they go out of stock every time. They have no sense at all. They keep the registrations open for 8 days and get lakhs of people registered, but they sell only 10,000 and 15,000 units.

How is that making sense to have lakhs of people getting registered (By keeping the registrations open for 8 days shamelessly) and sell only 15,000 unit and go out of stock and proudly put that note on website as ‘WE ARE OUT OF STOCK’?

I had Yu Yureka in my cart. When I proceeded to checkout, it said you are not registered to buy this product (Though I have confirmation emails of getting registered and getting notified about the sale day i.e., 22 Jan 2014.

I spoke with one of their reps. Just the same dialogue of apologizing and asking us to register again. I’m confused whether or not I should wait for this phone.


Why do we Search for Skills?

Why do we search for skills? Many of us may have certain abilities, which we remain unaware of, or which nobody has assisted us in discovering, such as the skills of delivering a lecture, business acumen, or possessing general knowledge.

One may discover these skills on his own, through a teacher’s or a work colleague’s help, or even through a sincere brother, however few they may be! However, these skills may remain buried inside the person until his personality becomes as stale as anyone else’s, and this is when we all lose out on another leader, lecturer or scholar, or perhaps a successful husband, or a caring father.

Here we will mention certain skills which we would like to remind you of if you already possess them, or which we would like to train you in if you don’t. So come along to find out Who we are and Why we are that!

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A thought…

When you climb a mountain, look to the top and not to the rocks that surround you. Make sure of where you step as you climb, and do not leap in case you lose your footing.

Improve Yourself

Improve Yourself

You sit with someone who is twenty years old and notice that he has particular etiquette, logic and thought. You then sit with him when he is thirty to discover that he is exactly the way he was ten years ago and has not improved at all. Yet, you sit with others and you feel that they are actually taking benefit from their lives. You discover that they improve themselves on a daily basis. In fact, not an hour passes except that they improve either religiously or otherwise.

If you wish to ponder upon the different types of people with respect to self-improvement, then think about the following:

  1. There are those who like to watch those satellite television channels that help their general knowledge and intelligence grow.
  2. They benefit from other people’s experiences by watching constructive discussions, from which they learn the characteristics of debating and improve their language, understanding, and expertise in debate and persuasion.
  3. Then there are those who cannot miss out on a series about a failed love story, or an emotional play, or a horror film, or films about useless fantasies with no link to reality at all.

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Attaching the Heart to Temporary Beauty

Attaching the Heart to Temporary Beauty

Just as how the stars are spread out in the sky, so are the stars of beauty spread out on earth. They will all perish. Refrain from your foolishness. If someone wants to see an international fool, he should look at the one who stares at temporary beauty. I am not saying this. Hadhrat Thanwi (Rahimahullah) says that every sinner is a fool but the sinner of the gaze is the leader of all the fools. He heads the fools because he will not achieve anything except burning the heart and making it uneasy. He is committing adultery of the eyes. If he spoke, then he has committed adultery of the tongue. He is speaking unnecessarily with her by saying, “Madam, where is your house? In which section of Gulshan Iqbal is it?” What is the need to speak like this to the lady. While you are committing haram, your carnal self is destroying you. Think of the fact that Allah Subhanahu wa Ta’ala is watching you. How can the one who meditates constantly that Allah Subhanahu wa Ta’ala is watching him, ever cast a haram glance? His sight kept a watch over my gaze. Regrettably, why were we unaware of this feeling? One should be aware all the time that Allah Subhanahu wa Ta’ala is watching my gaze. It should not be so that on the airport you completely neglect an old woman while you carry the bag of an attractive lady and even complete her immigration formalities. You tell her that you an expert at serving passengers. Is she the only passenger? There are other passengers as well. In whatever work you do, ponder
that Allah Subhanahu wa Ta’ala is watching you. He knows the secret of the heart.

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A saintly poet says:

The stealing of the eyes and the secrets of the bosom, You know, O Independent One. Remember that Allah Subhanahu wa Ta’ala is not in need of an x-ray.

Problems with no Solutions

Syed Usman Haniel
Syed Usman Haniel

 Problems with no solutions

How many times have you noticed people driving their cars in a rage, often slapping the steering wheel and saying, “Oh! Its always buoy!” You may see a person walking in the street, no-one can bear to speak to him, he is so annoyed he keeps repeating, “Oh! It’s so hot!” If you were his colleague working in the same office, it would be a trial for you to have to see him every day. He always distracts you saying, “O man, the work is so much! Oh, when will they increase our salaries?” He arrives frowning and leaves resentful.

Sometimes, he complains of pains in his body or his son’s bad behaviour. In short, we should all realise that there are problems in our lives with absolutely no solution, and that the only way to deal with them is by taking things easy. Yes, enjoy your life! Beware of allowing your difficult situation to impact on your behaviour at work, with your children, your colleagues, etc. What have they done to deserve such punishment for problems which they played no part in, nor are able to provide solutions to? Do not let them associate grief and sadness with you each time they see or remember you.

This is why the Prophet forbade one from wailing over the dead, screaming, tearing up clothes, and shaving the head, etc. Why? Because the way to deal with the dead is by washing the body, covering it in a shroud, praying over it, then burying it in the grave and praying for the deceased. Screaming and wailing serves no purpose, except that it turns the joy of life into grief.

Once al-Ma’afi bin Sulayman was walking with his companion, and his companion turned to him, frowned and said, “How cold it is today!”

Al-Ma’afi said,“Have you warmed up now?’ “No”, he replied.

Al-Ma’afi said,“So what was the point of complaining? If you had glorified Allah, at least it would have been better for you.” And how accurate was his understanding and wisdom!

Live your life…

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Do not expose problems you are unaware of, and do not

expound on small matters. Simply continue to enjoy your life.