What Happens After Death?

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Is there a life after ‪#‎Death‬? Can you imagine of going to sleep and never ever waking up? What would happen after we die?

When you die, you are not going to be put into ever lasting nonexistence. Because that is not an experience. Lot of people are afraid that when they die, they are gonna be locked up in a dark room forever.

Try and imagine what will it be like to go to sleep and never wake up. Think about that. It is one of the greatest wonders of life. If you really think about it, you will question yourself, about what was it like to wake up after having never gone to sleep? And, this was when you were born.

See, you can’t have experience of nothing. So, after you are dead, the only thing that can happen is the same experience or the same sort of experience as when you were born.

In other words, we all know very well that after people die, other people are born. And, they are all you.

The Truth Behind Cheating

The Truth Behind Cheating

We’ve all been cheated on, and we all know someone being cheated on right now. But we don’t say anything about it. We choose not to tell them. Why? Is it because we fear of getting in the middle? Or is it because we fear that if we tell that person, they won’t believe it anyway, leaving us looking like a jealous a-hole?

Cheating is different for men than it is for women. Women cheat because they are lacking something in their relationship, they don’t feel loved or appreciated so they seek that from another man. It’s all based on emotion and a happy girl will hardly ever stray. But this is not the case with men, happy men stray all the time.

Men cheat because they can. They know that we won’t do anything about it. They aren’t missing anything in their relationship, in fact most of the time they really do love their girlfriends. But it’s just about sex. They don’t care about the girls they have relations with, they just cheat because they can.

Their world doesn’t stop, they don’t feel bad about it, and they certainly don’t feel any differently about you. Their life just goes on as if it never happened. They have some sort of on/off cheating switch when it comes to this. They are able to be so deceptive yet they can go back to being that loving boyfriend after the dirty deed has been done.

But please, don’t get it twisted. Women are not so innocent in this either. It takes two to tango hunny! If these “side chicks” had more respect for themselves, men wouldn’t be able to cheat, it wouldn’t even be a possibility for them. But there’s always going to be those women out there that are willing to be the side-screw and have no hard feelings about it.

The Successful Cheater: You might be in a “happy” relationship right now, meanwhile your partner has OTHER partners. Well congrats, you’re being successfully cheated on. But what are some of the signs?


Hidden Facebook Relationship Status.

Yes you’re probably in most of their photos so you think this is okay, but it is easy to tell someone, “Oh that’s just my ex, I haven’t gotten to delete those old photos yet.”

A whole laundry list of sexual encounters prior to you.

Please don’t try to tell me that your once overly-promiscuous partner has turned over a new leaf and stays faithful to only you. A person that will sleep with practically anything with a pulse doesn’t tend to have many morals. So don’t think that for one millisecond that they can change. Because chances are, they can’t. And they will continue to do so behind your back.

Random names of the same sex in their contacts.

For instance, your cheating boyfriend isn’t going to put his new fling “Rachel” in his contacts. He’s going to put her under the name “Bob from work” and call it a day. Meanwhile he doesn’t even know a Bob and he doesn’t even have a job. I mean come on.

Wherever they go, their phone goes with them.

If they are seeing someone behind your back, they are not going to leave their phone alone with you. So if the next time your girlfriends phone rings and she busts through the plate glass in the shower to get to it before you do, there you go.

If your partner spends way more time with their friends than they do with you, chances are they are probably up to no good.

If they love you and are faithful to you, then they want to be with you as much as possible, period.

Everyone you know always has something negative to say about them.

Chances are, they know something that you don’t. And instead of telling you the truth, they beat around the bush with it because they know you wouldn’t believe it if it came down to it.

The root of the issue at hand is respect. A person that cheats doesn’t respect their partner, that’s the bottom line. And the women and men willing to be the “side piece” have no self-respect. Instead of demanding to be the ONLY one, they settle with being the OTHER one.

Then we have the people who literally do not have the slightest clue what is going on behind their back because they choose to ignore the signs and live by the phrase, “Ignorance is Bliss.” But is ignorance bliss?? Maybe if we all just had some old fashioned respect for ourselves and each other, this wouldn’t be such a prominent issue.

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What is Death?

Life is in living. It is not a thing, it is a process. There is no way to attain to life except by living it, except by being alive, by flowing, streaming with it. If you are seeking the meaning of life in some dogma, in some philosophy, in some theology, that is the sure way to miss life and meaning both.

Quotes for Death

What is death?

The second thing to remember is: once you know what life is, you will know what death is. Death is also part of the same process. Ordinarily, we think death comes at the end; ordinarily we think death is against life; ordinarily we think death is the enemy. But death is not the enemy. And if you think of death as the enemy, it simply shows that you have not been able to know what life is.

Death and life are two polarities of the same energy, of the same phenomenon—the tide and the ebb, the day and the night, the summer and the winter. They are not separate and not opposites, not contraries; they are complementariness. Death is not the end of life; in fact, it is a completion of one life, the crescendo of one life, the climax, the finale. And once you know your life and its process, then you understand what death is.

Breathe in, breathe out

Death is an organic, integral part of life, and it is very friendly to life. Without it, life cannot exist. Life exists because of death; death gives the background. Death is, in fact, a process of renewal. And death happens each moment. The moment you breathe in and the moment you breathe out, both happen.

Breathing in, life happens; breathing out, death happens. That’s why when a child is born the first thing he does is breathe in, then life starts. And when an old man is dying, the last thing he does is breathe out, then life departs. Breathing out is death, breathing in is life—they are like two wheels of a bullock cart. You live by breathing in as much as you live by breathing out. The breathing out is part of breathing in. You cannot breathe in if you stop breathing out. You cannot live if you stop dying.

The man, who has understood what his life is, allows death to happen; he welcomes it. He dies each moment and each moment he is resurrected. His cross and his resurrection are continually happening as a process. He dies to the past each moment and he is born again and again into the future.

Ego and death are opposites

If you really want to live you have to be ready to die. Who is afraid of death in you? Is life afraid of death? It is not possible. How can life be afraid of its own integral process? Something else is afraid in you. The ego is afraid in you. Life and death are not opposites; ego and death are opposites. Life and death are not opposites; ego and life are opposites. Ego is against both life and death. The ego is afraid to live and the ego is afraid to die. It is afraid to live because each effort, each step towards life, brings death closer. If you live, you are coming closer to dying. The ego is afraid to die, hence it is afraid to live also. The ego simply drags.

Death completes life

Let it be remembered that death and life both become aflame together, they are never separate. If you are very, very minimally alive, at the minimum, then you can see death and life as being separate. The closer you come to the peak, the closer they start coming. At the very apex, they meet and become one. In love, in meditation, in trust, in prayer, wherever life becomes total, death is there. Without death, life cannot become total.

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A story about “Be aware of death and do not be afraid to die”

Enjoy life as though you are to die the next day

Once a young man from a rich business family went to meet a Spiritual Guru. He was restless in life and had a lot of stress in him. He was told that this Spiritual Guru was a true preceptor and would find a solution for him to get out of restlessness and stress.

The young man prostrated before the Spiritual Guru and asked, “Swamiji (A swami sometimes abbreviated “Sw.” is a religious teacher in Hinduism), how come I am always stressed and not at peace, while all you Spiritual Gurus are not?”

Swamiji said, “That stress will never bother you my son because tomorrow you will never be alive to ask this kind of questions.”

The young man was stunned he asked, “Do you mean to say I will die tomorrow?”

“Yes” said the Spiritual Guru calmly.

The young man was told that whatever the Spiritual Guru told would happen. He got up and started to go.

Swamiji asked, “Why young man what happened? You seem to be disturbed you have 24 hours to go.”

Young man pleaded, “Swamiji, please let me go time is short I need to meet all my near and dear ones.”

When you fall sick, Family, Friends, Relatives take care of you not the Job in which you forget your Family, Friends and Relatives

Young man reached home did not disclose to anyone that he has only 24 hours to be on this earth. He talked to all his relatives and friends and contacted everyone he knew and the next day mentally prepared to die and tried to remain in peace contemplating death.

Next day he was surprised to see the Spiritual Guru standing at the door of his room.

“We have another hour to go shall we talk.” asked the Spiritual Guru.

Young man nodded his head reaming unusually calm.

“In the past 23 hours did you feel stressed?” asked the Swamiji.

“How ridiculous, I have had little time to meet my dear and near ones I had no time to think of anything to get stressed.” said the Young man.

“Young Man, I know you could not get stressed because you were not involved in your business for past 23 hours.” said the Swamiji.

“But I am not at peace because I will die in a hour.” said the Young man.

“You are right young man you are not stressed because you did not ignore death, but you are not at peace because you fear death. Ignoring death altogether is living a lie. Fearing death is   Abhinivesha (clinging to life) one of the afflictions of Mind. So ignoring death or fearing death is both same a mental illness. What is needed for a person is to be aware of death. I don’t know who will die when. But understanding the truth about death can be very enlightening.”

“Swamiji, the awareness of death made me inactive and I was not interested to work.” said the Young Man.

“As I told you were not aware of death instead you feared death for the last 23 hours. A person who is aware of death will work as if there is no tomorrow but earn as if there is tomorrow. The earning which you are making is not for the work you are doing now says Karma Siddhanta. If it was true then everyone who works hard had to be rewarded appropriately.” explained Swamiji.

“So what I am earning now is not for the work I am doing now? But is it not my desire to earn more making me work?” asked the Young man.

“Yes on the surface it looks like desire to earn more the driving force for every person to work hard. So we need to put our effort to do our part. But earning more or less does not depend on the work done now. Sometimes sincerely done work many not yield better returns may be you do not deserve, while some jobs done with little efforts could pour good returns may be you deserve it. You may get more than you desire but you will never get less than you deserve, but you need to do your work sincerely without doubt.” said the Swamiji.

“Thank you Swamiji, you have showed me the path I will work without my eye on the result.” saying so the young man took the blessings of the Swamiji. And started a new life from there on.

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Luckily, you’re Eventually going to die one day….

Life is a large bag filled with stacks upon stacks of problems. Life is a bitch and there isn’t a single person out there that can argue otherwise. No matter how well off you is in life, you will always have problems. You will always, always, always find some sort of problem to stress you out or piss you off. We find ourselves riddled with issues at work, at home, in the family, and often will find ourselves battered with issues from within.

Remedy for Everything
Remedy for Everything

Luckily, you’re Eventually going to die one day

One day you will die and you won’t have any more problems. You won’t have car payments, mortgages or debts of any sort. You won’t ever again have a bad hair day. You won’t ever get into another argument with your boyfriend or sister. You won’t make any more mistakes or find yourself in difficult situations to navigate out of. One day you will be dead. Whether or not you are alone in the world won’t matter. One day you will die and that will be it. Game over. No redos. If that doesn’t cheer you up, then I don’t know what will!

We have everything to lose it all

The greatest sin that there ever was living a life wasted. I am sure that you have heard people say that the reason they were able to succeed where others failed was that they came to the realization that they have nothing to lose. I don’t see it that way. I believe that we all have a lot to lose. In fact, we have everything to lose and more than that, we will lose it all — every last thing that holds any meaning for us. You will lose everything. All of your friends. Your family and all your experiences — all of it will one day be gone.

So why not risk losing it a little sooner? Why not risk whatever it is that you need to risk in order to sip those glorious drops in that bucket?

Figure out the person that you want to be

Sit down and figure out what you want your life to be like. Figure out the person that you want to be — figuring out who you ‘are’ is only worth a penny if you have a clear understanding of who you want to be. Taking risks and loving freely is the only way to live. If you love someone then don’t wait to tell them; tell them now. Tell your parents, sisters, aunts, uncles and grandparents how much they mean to you.

We will all be left with nothing

Tell that man that you love him or tell that woman that you can’t live without her. Don’t waste your life fearing commitment because as long as you fear commitment, you’ll never be capable of committing. You will lose all of these people sooner or later; how can you allow yourself not to let them know how much they mean to you? It’s wrong and cruel. We will all be left with nothing when we pass and for this reason we should do our best to accumulate as many pleasant experiences now as we can. If you ever plan on loving deeply then why not allow yourself to begin loving now?

Why be shy and why wait for an ‘opening’ that only exits in your imagination?

We create our openings. We bust down walls to make doors and create opportunities for ourselves. Unless, of course, you are one of those poor bastards under the illusion that once you die, you will be able to do all the things in that bucket list and/or that the problems you are have in life will continue to haunt you afterwards. If you are one of these people then all I can say is this: the last feeling that you will have before you breathe your last breath will be hatred and loathing for yourself and for how stupid you were for allowing yourself to waste the rarest treasure in the universe.