Overcoming Procrastination and Causes of Procrastination

Overcoming Procrastination is very easy, but it’s a long way. Procrastination MeaningProcrastination is the avoidance of doing a task which needs to be accomplished. It is the practice of doing more pleasurable things in place of less pleasurable ones, or carrying out less urgent tasks instead of more urgent ones.

Most people do not regard procrastination as a major emotional disturbance. That is because it doesn’t hurt at once. That movie you went to may have been a lot of fun but you didn’t get your term paper finished. Now you have to burn the midnight oil, do a poor job of it and hastily submit an inferior product. So your grades suffer, your career suffers. Perhaps, if you make a habit of this, you’ll even drop out of school and alter the whole direction of your life.

Overcoming Procrastination Quotes

Overcoming Procrastination in Three Simple Steps

Procrastination will drive you to different roads away from your destination. Every silly whim you get will drive you off into a new direction and you will forget what you are about. How can you conceivably travel from one point to another if you are going to be sidetracked every time you see something interesting along the road? If you know where you are going, and you discipline yourself to stick to the task, you are likely to reach your goal.

  1. Face Difficult Tasks: It is easier to face difficult tasks than to avoid them. Very seldom times does time simply cure a bad situation if you do nothing about it. Your dishes don’t get done because you watch television. In short, if something is difficult to do, it is easier to do it than not to do it at all.
  2. It is More Important to Do than to Do well: If you believe (as most of us have been taught) that if anything is worth doing, do it well, or if you can’t do it right, don’t do it at all. For example, if the baby doesn’t walk well, should the baby stop walking at all? Practically speaking, everything you’ve ever done you did badly at the first time. You got better only because you kept doing it badly for a long time.
  3. Breaking a Big Task into Small ones: How many times did you find yourself getting bored with what you were doing? Probably a lot of times. That is because you feel you don’t have enough time to do it. This happens because  you don’t take a big task and reduce it to a series of smaller tasks. If you did you would be able to do a great deal.

Source: Complex Realities

Total unconsciousness is perfect, total consciousness is perfect too

Totally unaware, Perfectly aware

Animals are not in suffering. They appear happy. In fact, they are happier than man. Trees are even more happy than animals.

What is the reason?

They are perfectly unaware of what can happen, of what is possible, of what is just near at hand. They are blissfully unaware. There is no anxiety. They drift. Man becomes anxious, and the greater a man, the more anxiety will be there. If you simply live, you are living an animal existence. Religious anguish arises the moment you become aware that something is possible—the seed is there and I have to do something. I have to do something and the seed will sprout. The flowers are not very far away, and I can reap this crop—but still nothing is happening.

Suffering, Agony and Depression are good Signs

If you feel a very tense anguish within you, a suffering, an agony, don’t feel depressed about it—that’s a good sign. That shows you are becoming more and more aware of that which is possible, and now you will never be at ease unless it becomes actual. Man cannot leave it to nature because man has become conscious. Only a minor part of his being is conscious, but that changes everything. And unless your total being becomes conscious, you cannot know again the simple happiness of the animal or of the trees.

Syed Usman
Syed Usman

There is only one way to know it now: to become more and more alert, more and more aware, and more and more conscious. You cannot regress. There is no process for going back; no one can go back. You can either remain where you are and suffer, or you have to go forward and go beyond suffering. You cannot go back. Total unconsciousness is blissful, total consciousness is blissfuland you are in between. A part of you has become conscious, and the major part of you is still unconscious. You are divided. You have become two, you are not one.

The integration is lost

Animals are integrated and then saints are integrated. Man is disintegrated: a part remains animal and a part has become saintly. There is a struggle, conflict, and whatsoever you do, you can never do with one heart.

So there are two ways. You can take drugs, you can take alcohol, you can take intoxicants—you fall back to the animal world. You drug the part that has become conscious; you become totally unconscious. You can go on drugging yourself. There are many methods—not only chemical.But this is a temporary deception. The part, which you have forcibly suppressed with alcohol or drugs or something else will arise again, and then you will feel more suffering, because then you can compare.

Remember one thing

Totality is bliss. If you are unconscious totally, then too it is bliss, but you are not aware of it. Animals are happy but they are not aware of their happiness. So it is futile. It is just like when you are asleep you are happy, and whenever you are awake, you are unhappy. Totality is bliss. You can be total in consciousness also. Then there will be bliss and you will be perfectly aware of it.

You are not enlightened because you have not done anything for it,

but you have at least become aware that you are not enlightened.

Courtesy: Complete Well-Being

Luckily, you’re Eventually going to die one day….

Life is a large bag filled with stacks upon stacks of problems. Life is a bitch and there isn’t a single person out there that can argue otherwise. No matter how well off you is in life, you will always have problems. You will always, always, always find some sort of problem to stress you out or piss you off. We find ourselves riddled with issues at work, at home, in the family, and often will find ourselves battered with issues from within.

Remedy for Everything
Remedy for Everything

Luckily, you’re Eventually going to die one day

One day you will die and you won’t have any more problems. You won’t have car payments, mortgages or debts of any sort. You won’t ever again have a bad hair day. You won’t ever get into another argument with your boyfriend or sister. You won’t make any more mistakes or find yourself in difficult situations to navigate out of. One day you will be dead. Whether or not you are alone in the world won’t matter. One day you will die and that will be it. Game over. No redos. If that doesn’t cheer you up, then I don’t know what will!

We have everything to lose it all

The greatest sin that there ever was living a life wasted. I am sure that you have heard people say that the reason they were able to succeed where others failed was that they came to the realization that they have nothing to lose. I don’t see it that way. I believe that we all have a lot to lose. In fact, we have everything to lose and more than that, we will lose it all — every last thing that holds any meaning for us. You will lose everything. All of your friends. Your family and all your experiences — all of it will one day be gone.

So why not risk losing it a little sooner? Why not risk whatever it is that you need to risk in order to sip those glorious drops in that bucket?

Figure out the person that you want to be

Sit down and figure out what you want your life to be like. Figure out the person that you want to be — figuring out who you ‘are’ is only worth a penny if you have a clear understanding of who you want to be. Taking risks and loving freely is the only way to live. If you love someone then don’t wait to tell them; tell them now. Tell your parents, sisters, aunts, uncles and grandparents how much they mean to you.

We will all be left with nothing

Tell that man that you love him or tell that woman that you can’t live without her. Don’t waste your life fearing commitment because as long as you fear commitment, you’ll never be capable of committing. You will lose all of these people sooner or later; how can you allow yourself not to let them know how much they mean to you? It’s wrong and cruel. We will all be left with nothing when we pass and for this reason we should do our best to accumulate as many pleasant experiences now as we can. If you ever plan on loving deeply then why not allow yourself to begin loving now?

Why be shy and why wait for an ‘opening’ that only exits in your imagination?

We create our openings. We bust down walls to make doors and create opportunities for ourselves. Unless, of course, you are one of those poor bastards under the illusion that once you die, you will be able to do all the things in that bucket list and/or that the problems you are have in life will continue to haunt you afterwards. If you are one of these people then all I can say is this: the last feeling that you will have before you breathe your last breath will be hatred and loathing for yourself and for how stupid you were for allowing yourself to waste the rarest treasure in the universe.

Where were you before your were conceived and before you were born?????

“Whatever is mine, is not me”

By absorbing and understanding these words, one can the password that everybody requires, for their inner search. If not, people always question “How does one discover one’s true self? What is this true self? And the replies, they get from various people, (who are again humans)  are usually that one should meditate with 100% concentration, shut out  thoughts, and one will progress deeper. But this can easily be said than done, for the mind strays, and people get frustrated with meditation and conclude that they cannot do it and they let it go. But if you were to start with what you know, and keep editing that material, you will eventually come to that which you don’t know, but that which is your seeking.

Syed Usman
Syed Usman

I have a Car, but I’m not my Car

We start with the words “Whatever is mine, is not me”. So, anything that you can say is yours, anything that you can see as being separate from yourself, anything that belongs to you, to which you can show possessiveness, cannot be you Because, you and that thing that you possess, are obviously different. I have a car, I have a house, a brother, a wife, a son, I am a doctor, I am fat, I am thin—–all these are my assets, my possessions. Obviously, I am not my car, my house, my brother, my wife, my son, my profession—so all these get edited out.

I have legs and hands, they are mine, but I’m not my legs and hands.

Then what remains is my body-mind complex. But I can see my body, can’t I? Yes, I can see that I have legs and hands, and eyes, and a nose and a mouth and so on. So, if I have these things, like I have a car or house, these things are mine, but they are separate from me. I can see them, I can feel them, I know that there is something or someone who is seeing them—-so, my body with its various components, belongs to me, but is not me. That brings me to my mind. Can I see my thoughts?  Yes, I can. Can I see my mind thinking all the thoughts? Yes. We often tell people “To my mind, this does not sound good” or “To my mind this sounds logical”.

So, we are able to see the mind in action and can see with the mind, the logic of a situation, the right or wrong of a situation. We can also see that the mind is not constant. It is frequently changing. Yesterday, I disliked someone. Today, I like that person. Yesterday, I wanted to see a movie. Today, I am not interested. A few years ago, I wanted a fancy car. Today, I am not interested. We often tell people “:I changed my mind”. If I can see the mind as an entity different from myself,, an entity which is not constant but always changing, it cannot be me, can it? To call something as ‘me’, I need something that is fixed, unchanging, rigid and constant. And my possessions, my relations, my body and even my mind changes with time.

They are all mine, but they are not me.

Having edited out most of the things that are mine, what remains, is me. This is the search that we have to undertake. Ramana Maharshi said the same thing, in different words, “Who am I?” Was the only question he wanted his disciples to answer, to themselves. Nisargadatta Maharaj said the same thing when he said “Where were you, before you were conceived, before you were born? That is the real you. Zen people have a term for it “Your real identity is the face you had before you were born”.

These word “Whatever is mine is not me” are the golden passwords for our inner search. Start applying them today and see how far this journey takes you. What you will discover cannot be obviously described. It can only be experienced.

Courtesy: Speaking-Tree

The Secret to Happiness

What do we all have in common? We all want to be happy, no matter what age, stage, cultural or economic background we come from. The pursuit of happiness in universal terms simply amounts to feeling loved. Is it surprising then that when someone compliments us it makes our day and criticism makes us feel hurt and wounded?

Where are you looking for happiness?

The pursuit of happiness is really the search for love, approval and appreciation from the outside. Deep down, most of us function from the belief that, “Unless people approve of me, I’m worthless”. Most of us grew up believing that the admiration and respect of others [society] will get us the happiness and success we want. We also believe that satisfaction will be attained by romance or marriage, wealth or fame. No wonder then that we all live in a fear of failing and thus the fear almost runs our lives.

As long as our safety depends on how others judge us, we’re doomed for a life of disappointment. One of my gurus said to me, “No appointments, no disappointments!” Think about it. Expectation and disappointments are two sides of the same coin.

A familiar fear we all experience is the feeling, “There’s something wrong with me, and I’m not OK. If I was OK, they would love me and think I’m important.” We hardly ever inquire within ourselves if this is really true, and we may spend our life living this lie.

Why does this feeling originate?

It all starts in our thinking process. Whenever our thoughts focus on what’s missing in our life, when we feed a feeling of ‘lack’, we germinate the seeds of discontent. Our mental chatter becomes, “If only I .. had a companion/ was rich/ was living in America and so on. I would be happy.”

The irony is that the more we concentrate on what’s missing the more we struggle to win love and appreciation from others and the more we move away from actually experiencing them. Like needy little children, we banish happiness every time we want to impress and win approval from them. Whenever we try to please or manipulate others, or try to influence their reactions, we are increasing fear in our life. No wonder then, that the result is pain. Control creates separation and separation is painful.

Want to know the secret?

The eternal paradox is that in order to feel loved and appreciated we first need to love ourselves. Until then, no act of God or mortal can make us feel valuable and appreciated. When we love and accept ourselves we can allow others to love us. Now how simple is that! As simple as you make it to be! Go on, be happy and spread the secret.

Courtesy: Complete Well-Being

Be Yourself. Love and Respect yourself.

“Be Yourself” A beautiful example of flowers

The rose is beautiful, dancing in the wind, in the sun, in the rain, because it has not wasted itself in trying to be a lotus. The lotus is beautiful for the same reason. The marigold is beautiful; all the flowers are beautiful, for the simple reason that they are just themselves. Think of a rose trying to be a lotus. Sooner or later it will end up in a psychoanalyst’s office. It will drive itself crazy. In trying to be a lotus its whole energy will be wasted and it will not even be possible for it to be a rose. If it becomes possible at all, then it will be a very poor rose with no color, no perfume, no dance, and no song.

Syed Usman
Be Original

You can see it everywhere. People look sad, burdened, as if they are carrying a mountain on their shoulders. And they are all carrying a psychological weight; they have been burdened, and they have been knowingly burdened.'””

Buddha’s Message to Humanity

Be yourself, has been the message of all enlightened ones. Buddha says, “Be a light unto yourself.” That was his last statement. Dying, on the deathbed, he opened his eyes and gave his last message to humanity—‘Be a light unto yourself… don’t imitate anybody.’

Imitation Makes you Weak

So on one hand imitation makes you weak; on the other hand it makes you miserable. Weak and miserable that’s what vested interests want you to be. And they have found such a beautiful trick that unless you are very intelligent you are bound to be trapped, because who would not like to be a Jesus? The idea fascinates. Who would not like to be a Buddha? It hypnotists. Buddha is beauty—pure beauty and grace.

Hence the child cannot say to the parents or to the teachers, “You are wrong.” It feels reasonable and sensible. But it causes tremendous harm, it makes you hate yourself. You cannot love yourself. And the more you fail in being the other, the more you hate yourself.

I have observed thousands of people, I have been working on thousands of people continuously, and my own observation is that rarely do I come across a person who loves himself.

Jesus’ Saying

Jesus says, “Love your enemies as you love yourself…” and you would think that it is a very difficult thing to love your enemies. No, it is not. The real difficulty is to love yourself. You can love your enemy which is not that difficult at all. The real difficulty is to love yourself, to respect yourself, to accept yourself as you are, unconditionally. That is the beginning of revolution, and the beginning of transformation.

My whole teaching can be condensed into these two words: be yourself.

Source: Complete Well-Being

Love is a Ladder to God

Love is a Ladder to God

When you are trying to be somebody else, naturally you start acting. And when you start imitating you will imitate everything. You will imitate love, and that is the most dangerous thing. Jesus loved so you will start loving. But how can you love unless you attain the consciousness that Jesus attained? Love is a fragrance. When the one-thousand-petaled lotus of consciousness opens in you, the fragrance is released. If you start feigning it, that will be just artificial.

You can bring perfume from the marketplace and you can start throwing the perfume all over yourself, and of course, it will stink because it will not be your own flowering. It will be artificial and ugly.

And once a person starts feigning love, his whole life becomes false, because love is the center of life. Love is the very purpose of life, the destiny of life.

If you feign affection, you will feign intelligence, you will feign freedom—you will start pretending everything else. A man who is capable of deceiving himself that he loves without loving, is so stupid that he will imitate everything and will believe it. But his life will show that that’s not so.

Doubting love is unhealthy

Love is something natural. You can doubt God, there is no problem in it. In fact, one should doubt God because unless you doubt, the inquiry cannot begin. One should begin one’s inquiry into God as an atheist; to begin as a theist is to begin in a wrong way. You have already believed, now how can you inquirer? I am not saying disbelieve in God, because that again is a belief, a negative belief. Begin with doubt—doubt is natural.

Love and doubt are both God-given gifts, but you should not doubt love because to doubt love is dangerous. One natural gift will start destroying another natural gift. You will be in a conflict. And if you start doubting love you will start repressing it. If you start doubting love you will become incapable of loving, you will become closed.

And the moment your loving becomes encapsulated you are lost, because you lose the very bridge between you and existence.

Love is forever

Love is as perennial as the grass. Love is the only experience, which transcends death. All that is God-given to you, which includes many things—intelligence is there, compassion is there, sympathy is there, creativity is there, sensitivity is there, and so on and so forth—but love is the only experience in which time disappears. Love is the only experience in which naturally you enter into meditation. Love is the only experience in which you are not afraid of death at all.

It is love experienced that one day becomes prayer, and it is prayer that one day becomes the experience of godliness.

Money cannot buy fulfillment

You desire money and you hope that when the money is there you will be happy. The moment money is there, suddenly you realize you are not happy. Money is there, but the happiness has not followed it. Money cannot purchase happiness; it can purchase comfort.

I am not against money and I am not against comfort either, but comfort is comfort; happiness is a totally different phenomenon. Comfort is good, but it is not happiness, it is not blissfulness, it is not fulfillment. You can live comfortably and die comfortably, but that will not make you contented.

Money can purchase many things, but there are a few things it cannot purchase and those are the few things, which are really valuable. The really valuable has no price, it is priceless, you have to deserve it.

Life is bound to be arid, desert-like, if you don’t have any love in you. It is going to be a continuous disillusionment, from one disillusionment to another. By the time you reach the very end, you are nothing but a sad, sad story.

Source: Complete Well-being

Change Vs Growth

Change Vs Growth

Change is a six-letter word with a meaning that will never hold true. Growth, on the other hand, is the fuel that will move mountains. All of the negatives and positives life has thrown at you are the building blocks of growth.

Change can be forced for any number of reasons. Growth, on the other hand, is self-motivated. Growth is real. Growth is everlasting.

Life is a puzzle, and there is no right or wrong way to solve it, but rather, your own way. We all have journeys that we travel, and along the way, we will encounter people and experiences we never imagined. These experiences will shape us and guide us moving forward. You can choose to learn from them and reflect upon them with the people closest to you, in order to interpret what they mean, or you can chock them up to mean nothing more than any other random event in your life.

Personally, I will always choose the first option. The ability to reflect upon what you have experienced, along with how and why you experienced it is the catalyst of growth. Growth will always come when you least expect it. To wait around for personal growth is futile.

You need to get out there and simply live. Make mistakes. Fall on your face more than once and learn from what you experience. Just like the saying goes, the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. Insanity should be the definition of a failed attempt at change. Growth is repeating an action, looking your self in the mirror and recognizing that it didn’t work out with the first attempt.

Let’s switch our approach up. The ability to do this is by growth. As I write this passage and pass along all that I have experienced and learned, I reflect back on the moments when friends and family saw my failed attempts at change disguised as growth and immediately called me out.

Those that are closest to you and love you for who you are will always be the first to recognize the real you from the fake. The pressure to get to a certain point in your life and be a certain person can be daunting. You must always try your best to ignore those pressures.

There are no re-dos in life, just the next moment to correct your mistake. You can’t change the past, but the future is yours to shape anyway you choose. Get out there and live everyday. Love with every ounce of your soul. For in the end, life will flash you by in a blink of an eye. Live and love everyday. When the game is over, and all is said and done, the opinion you have of yourself and the life you live is what will flood your mind. Make it a worth recalling. Make it a life others wish they experienced. Live. Life. Progress.

Source: Elite Daily